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The Times Tip Number 10: Going back to our roots

Don’t be surprised if you see me in my garden, the park anywhere natural really, pacing around on the grass, sand, earth, barefoot (I took this ‘footie’ at Adare Manor in Ireland hence the moss, berries and the white white WHITE feet!)

Walking barefoot on a natural surface feels bloody marvellous doesn’t it? But it is also said to harmonise our electromagnetic energy, allowing it to vibrate at the same frequency as the earth’s surface, reducing anxiety, increasing endorphins and promoting restful sleep. ‘Yeah yeah’ I hear you think, ‘Suzanne is soooo wacky, so hilarious! What IS she like!’ Well snigger away, I just rather like feeling good and feeling like a human and I’ll get my wellness hits where can thank you!

But for those that need a brainy person in a white coat to believe in this ‘stuff’, even though they could be a complete crackpot (but hey, they’re a scientist so they must be right, right? 🤔), there is plenty more scientific-based evidence of the brain-body benefits of connecting more naturally to the earth – and I personally think it’s crucial to avoid cushioned or padded shoes if you want to feel grounded, balanced and human, especially if you are suffering any kind of balance impacting disorder, such as Parkinson’s, which relies on the body’s ability to ‘communicate’ sensorially.

Do check out @Vivobarefoot for some compelling insights on why letting our feet be feet and not numbed and cut off from the ground we walk on by padded hover-craft-like soles via our footwear.