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The Times Tip Number 6: I’m getting an infra-red sauna

Hot on the heels of my (literally immersive) experience at the fab, feel-good spa hotel Kur Hotel Copenhagen way, my sauna dalliance continues. I love any sauna to be fair, especially the cold rinse in between the toasting. Releases a chemical euphoria! But an infra-red sauna uses light to create heat, which heats your body directly, as opposed to a traditional sauna where heat warms the air which, in turn, warms your body. This promotes sweating – a great way to relax tense or tired muscles and boost the body’s natural detox process, helping the body to rid itself of pollution, good for city dwellers like me.

Apparently infra-red saunas are also effective at lower, more bearable temperatures than a regular sauna. There’s also evidence to support their use for high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and chronic pain and a host of other conditions.