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The Times Tip Number 7: Wild exerciser

You couldn’t pay me to go on a treadmill or to a gym, as you can see from this gallery, I’m more keen on working OUT as I am more of a wild mover and functional exerciser and the only indoor exercise I can manage is in a yoga studio (as you can see) purely because every yoga class takes you on some sort of journey and internal wandering. But a gym full of posers in Lycra going through the motions? Not for me thank you.

Spending time at a wonderful retreat at Alladale in stunning Scotland (proper rewilding in every sense) with Wild Fitness with Nala the founder of Wild Movement Collective reinforced to me that we are naturally designed for more instinctive movement than the robotic and frankly, for me, boring-as-hell gym – running, lifting, climbing, crawling, martial arts parkour in the park are all good.