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The real meaning of Valentines Day

There’s more meaning to Valentine’s than all that commercial greeting cards, chocolates and over-priced flowers business. It is believed St Valentine’s Day is on 14 February not only to mark the burial of Valentine of Rome (a 3rd-century Roman saint, commemorated in Christianity on February 14 and his Saints’ Day has been associated with a tradition of courtly love based on gallantry and chivalry).⁠

Pope Gelasius added it to the calendar in the fifth century in place of the pagan festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated between 13-15 Feb, dedicated to the god of agriculture and which denoted the start of spring. Thankfully today’s ritual tends to involve dinner out and a bunch of roses as opposed to the previous sacred and religious celebration of human sexuality and passion during Lupercalia! Back then, Romans got naked, inebriated and even got their whips out—all in the name of purification, sacrifice, and fertility! ⁠