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Things are looking up

Things are looking up…

Stooped over, eyes down glued to emails, internet, Whatsapp, scouring for the right emoji etc etc ETC can suck us down the rabbit hole for more than 10 hours a day.

Apparently that’s around 60lbs of pressure pulling on your neck, depending how close to your chest you hold your 12lb head! But this downbeat posture is what we do when we are depressed or feeling grief or sadness and the experts say that the posture in itself can make us feel ‘down’ too.. Social psychologists call it embodied cognition when our mind influences our body which as I say, works both ways.

The sky is natural. It’s just there, and doesn’t promote this problem-making and problem-solving condition that has built the world around us. That’s why the sky has the power to pull you out of your problems and into the present moment — all you’ve got to do is look up and see some beauty and unconditioned life and be free of your problems at least for a little while in your busy day.