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Whilst you’re having to be extremely sensible about what you want versus what is here right now, there’s plenty to look forward to. As the New Moon downloads a new 4 week cycle of growth in relation to your profile, work and position you’re certainly making plans to move up.  Be the brightness that makes another person’s day.


No-one doubts for one second that you havn’t given your all to a joint responsibility.  However, the time has come to consider moving on so that you can work on other ventures.  Freeing up your time and energy is a process that will ultimately make your life much happier.  Begin now.


The significant meeting between Venus and Saturn over the weekend has made you realise that something really has to be worked at and thought through.  Whilst you’re all for a new solution, someone close to you has been shouldering a responsibility and getting stuck.  Work your magic as you have a way of conjuring up a new possibility that would benefit both of you.


It’s been a bit of a rough entry into 2016 and you’ve suddenly had to look things in the eye.  Whilst you would have preferred to avoid this, in fact you can now make choices and changes that will move things on.  A New Moon signifies the old has to go – so all you need to do is be willing to do this.  You’ll soon feel so much lighter.


You’ve been very taken up with issues to do with your own well-being and plans for the future.  However, you really have to be flexible at this stage.  Deal with what is burdening you by off-loading the past.  By mid-week you will feel the energy shift and a return of your sense of humour.


Intense emotions and confrontations have unsettled you and you really would prefer to go gently into this new year.  However, with Mercury retrograde there are no quick fixes.  Just the need to work things through.  You are getting in front of people who make you feel positive about your future – it has to be the right time.


Sorting things out isn’t your idea of fun.  But needs must…   This week begins with a requirement to set your house in order, whether that is your actual home or the family dynamics or some other personal issue.  By midweek you can feel the atmosphere lift and you’re looking forward again.


Whatever has come to the surface in early January has enabled you to see deeper than ever before.  Now you must decide what to do with this knowledge, perception and insight and a firm hand is necessary.  Later in the week valuable discussions give you a much more positive perspective.    


Over the weekend, Venus and Saturn met in your sign – not exactly whispering sweet nothings – more like down-to-earth realism.  You get the picture, the unvarnished truth.  You know you’ve got to step up to the plate.  With the New Moon accenting your revenue stream now is the time to implement your ideas.



As Mercury has recently re-entered your sign backwards in retrograde motion it’s not much wonder you feel at sixes and sevens.  Sundays New Moon in Capricorn will start to seed new energy, but it takes time for it to unfold.  Rest assured that a long term plan is still well-starred in your future – and it would help to talk to someone!


You can’t carry a load for the tribe or team, no matter how friendly you are it’s not your remit to do their work.  Cutting off from past patterns is necessary in order to clear your future.  Look and see what’s on the horizon and make space for new people and projects.


It can be a shock to the system to hear how certain people behave but you are born under the most accepting sign of the zodiac.  You do not judge, but of course you still have your moral scruples.  Perhaps you need a certain amount of distance between us and them.  Go for the golden glow in significant relationships – not the dark vortex.

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