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Your Weekly Antidote Horoscope



If you can get into the flow of energy you’ll be able to tackle the revelations that come later in the week.  Think of this as intensive research that yields unprecedented information about a person or project.


For some time you’ve been pondering some deep issues but you are now keen to resolve them before this month is out.  Soon your energy is going to be taken up by your role or work so have these important discussions this week.


As a Gemini you can talk your way into and out of most things.  However as Mercury is now travelling backwards and meeting with the deep planet Pluto you have to resolve something that takes you into touchy subjects.  Don’t be surprised if exchanges become intense this week.



You can choose to float along in your water sign way and maintain a sense of grace and spiritual connection.  However, someone is apt to make you mad with what they’re saying or what you find out.  It doesn’t mean you’re not enlightened!  It’s just a challenge to speak your truth without going over-board.


As you approach the emotional Full Moon in Leo next Sunday 24th you’re feeling at a cross-roads where something has to change.  This is good because as Mercury conjuncts Pluto and squares off to Uranus you’ve got important things to say to others.



You’re having to play things by ear at the moment as disruptions to your plans continue to take you off piste.  However, it’s clear to you that certain matters do need to be resolved and January is the month to complete this process.  Meanwhile, continue to think deeply about them.



You dislike having to dwell on negative issues but it is only when you resolve these that something can be laid to rest.  Actually you’ve been pussy-footing around this since before Christmas so as Mercury and Pluto do their combustible best before January is out it’s now important to say what you have to say.


As Mars in Scorpio is beautifully aligned with flowing Neptune you do feel that certain things are falling into place.  However, interactions with others are so intense between now and the end of January that certain home truths have to be realised.



If it weren’t for Saturn in your sign giving a heavy dose of practical necessity you imagine you would be free as a bird.  However, Mercury’s brush with Uranus and Pluto this week reminds you that there are issues in the past that need to be cleared up.  You can’t ignore what you know to be true.



As Mercury is about to meet with Pluto twice in your sign before the end of this month there are areas that need x-ray vision in your life.  Take note of what lies beneath the surface, which be completely different from how it appears.  In-depth conversations could reveal all.


Pressing issues are not yours to control, however with the Sun entering Aquarius this week you can elevate yourself to a better position.  It’s all about maintaining positive energy and outlook.  Not getting caught up in the past.


As Mars makes a perfect alignment with Neptune in your sign you’re on your way to getting where you want to go.  It takes an element of grace to ride the shock-waves and remain elegant – but you must refuse to get drawn into other people’s dramas.

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