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My latest Bathe podcast with fitness and wellness expert Louise Parker

My latest Bathe podcast is up so tune in and join us on the spa, bathing journey – you’re basically in the room with us. This time I invited Louise Parker the seriously straight-talking, say-is-as-she-sees-it founder of @louiseparkermethod (team of dietician led weightloss & lifestyle change programmes globally) for a no holds barred gossip about wellness, body image, no-diet-diets, female fitness now, the emotional power of working out, self-care secrets among other things.⁣
Now, Louise doesn’t like being splashed (oh! ) or getting her hair wet (oh! Oh! yet there we were at the glorious @fstentrinity hammam, a very hot, very steamy, very wet treatment that involves a lot of splashing and a lot of hair wetting. Did she sit it out or did she swear at me and storm off?!  Tune in to find out…

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