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Talking healthy hair with Louise Galvin

Genius hair colour, condition and product innovator Louise Galvin, her chemist Colette Hayden, nutrionist Jackie McCusker and myself talked haircare this week at a fabulous London Soirée…

Genius hair colour, condition and product innovator Louise Galvin invited me to do an intimate pop-up Antidote salon in London this week on how to have healthy hair. It took place at a stunning private residence, amongst friends.

Her chemist Colette Haydon, nutrionist Jackie McCusker and myself were joined by a wonderful, lively audience of super smart and fabulous London women – all at the top of all of their fields from banking to fashion design.

It didn’t take us long to get in the swing of things and within no time we were talking very candidly about our hair health woes (among other confessions not to be revealed here!) and how we can have our best, heathiest hair possible.

Louise and Colette educated us on ingredients we should avoid, in particular SILICON SILICON SILICON! And, PARABENS. According to Louise and Colette, Silicon is a no-no, not just because of the build up damage it can cause to the hair but the fact it makes highlights and colour fade quicker. Controversial Parabens, still suspect because of the continued growing concerns about their possible hormone disrupting effects they may have on our health (a serious health concern now recognised by the WHO among other respected health agencies). The jury may still be out, but I don’t know about you but I’m not keen on being a guinea pig while research and more studies continue.

Jackie talked about foods that act as hair conditioner from the inside out (walnuts, peppers, beetroot, eggs, chicory, quinoa, to name a few) and I had fun poking fun at Colette’s wonderful French accent that pronounced antifreeeeeeze instead of anti frizz! Laughing aside, ironically antifreeze ingredients are actually used in many haircare products too – though not LG Haircare of course. All her products are free from SLS, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Silicone, Synthetic Fragrance and Polymers. She is not saying they are organic (she is a colourist by trade after all), merely as clean as she can make them while being darn good haircare at the same time.

The champagne flowed and so did the beautiful conversation – that’s what I call a great night in with the girls.

We all left with bags full of Louise Galvin haircare ranges of course.

Watch this space for more tips from my favourite healthy haircare experts.