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Pop-up at Wilderness with Hemsley + Hemsley

the Antidote to... the health-bashing festival

Is Food the new Fashion? We caught up with Hemsley + Hemsley at the ultimate feel-good festival, Wilderness, to discuss how to make sure your diet is nourishing for you physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Melissa (left) Jasmine (right) in festival mode..

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley and I had an honest, open conversation about topics from orthorexia – the obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy – to good old-fashioned bone broth and eating more fat to stay trim. There was even some talk on courgetti. Plus the girls shared their tried-and-trusted secrets on how to be the healthiest, happiest version of you possible. Meeting them in the flesh, you’ll definitely end up wanting a little of what they’re having.

For those of you who have been living in a cave and don’t know the  Hemsley + Hemsley sisters, they are gastronome’s new generation,  whose followers span the worlds of food, fitness and fashion. Their pure, personal passion for healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense cooking is contagious. As well as being authors of the international bestselling cookbook The Art of Eating Well and contributors to and The Guardian, Jasmine and Melissa cook and consult for celebrities and high-profile events around the world.

The Art of Eating Well was their best-selling, first cookbook packed with over 150 nourishing and fun recipes for the home cook who wants to rustle up delicious food free from grain, gluten and refined sugar. Their latest book  is Good + Simple. @HemsleyHemsley.