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the Antidote to... Not being aligned with your Feminine Wisdom - Book this event from 1 – 5pm on the 24th March at The Allbright Mayfair London.

After 27 odd years (and some of them were really, really odd!) I have experienced some pretty wacky sh** when it comes to improving our wellness, happiness and success levels. One of the most ‘out there’ (not much is ‘out there’ for me anymore, but I have been initiated and I realise what is normal to me (whatever the heck normal means), is wild crazy work of witches to many. Bring it on! ⁠

This attitude is changing and I know deep down, you’re ripe for some seriously alternative deep dive transformational experiences. So here’s one: ⁠

WOMB WORK. Yup, womb work and I don’t mean purely from a fertility point of view. It doesn’t matter if you are a mother, a wanna be mother, a never-in-this-lifetime-will-be mother of the child variety, you are one mighty mother of your own creativity, your own fate and your own power and it all stems from the wonders of your womb ladies! So isn’t it ironic that when it comes to this major organ that the medical lot spell, uterus (my version is YOUterus) she is pretty much ignored unless she is desired to perform (make a baby or be gynae related). ⁠

Yet she, yes she, not it ‘it’, is your major female hormone-responsive secondary sex organ and rocks when fired-up literally filling you with life – with or without child. And if she is stagnant? No creativity, no flow, no life-force can surge. You following me? ⁠


So I was blocked, I had writer and life block and on my journey to find my spark again, I accidentally fell into some deep womb work last year (it’s a long story, we’ll chat about it when we meet). I had the honour of working with Womb Woman @kellymorgancoach, a special human who treads this beautiful earth softly, gracefully, nobly so passionately kindly yet with an enviable steely strength. I’m not going to say anymore here as the rest of the story needs to be heard and felt in person.

Which it can, next month in London. Join Kelly and for an afternoon (that I am comparing), for an incredibly deep and transformational experience to Awaken your Feminine Wisdom from 1 – 5pm on the 24th March at The Allbright Mayfair London.
Come and sit on the magic and release your powerful, all-mighty feminine flow where Kelly will be guiding us into a deep dive journey into your portal of life so that you awaken and connect to this innate superpower, followed by Afternoon Tea (which is also a life giver in my book!) Tickets are £146 but I have an Antidotee discount code of £30 off (an Antidotee is you, my delightful Antidote devotee tribal woman). Simply log onto and when you are in basket, type Get30Off in the apply coupon box.

You can also hear about Kelly’s Birth of Venus Retreat – 18th – 25th April in sunny Ibiza and I there is a whopping £500 off for Antiodotees by simply mentioning #thisistheantidote
A womb retreat ladies, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!