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Suzanne Duckett in conversation with Dr Deepak Chopra

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Last Saturday the Antidote hosted an exciting and fascinating talk at Selfridges with one of the world’s leading alternative health gurus, Dr Deepak Chopra. The most intimate, up close and personal talk he has done for a long time. Not surprisingly, it was an utterly gripping 45 minutes…


Deepak expounded his philosophies on life, super genes and our (often untapped) abilities to use our feelings and emotions to influence our physical health, even to the point of controlling the ageing process. For those who couldn’t make it, above is a short film editing the evening into a bite-sized 10 minutes and below are some key quotes. Make yourself a cup of tea and watch it here…

Suzanne Duckett: Explain to us what integrative medicine actually means?

Deepak Chopra: It means that every experience you have changes your biology, not just emotional but food, sleep, even a massage will change the activity of your genes. 95 % of your gene activity including mutations for disease are influenced by lifestyle.

Deepak Chopra: The future is predictable, it’s preventable and it’s personalised. The era has come where people will be talking about reversal of disease.

Suzanne Duckett: In your book you talk about using success as the driver for people to meditate?
Deepak Chopra: Success is the ability to love and have compassion but most importantly it is the ability to get into your inner being.

Suzanne Duckett: What is our soul and how do we get in there?
Deepak Chopra: That’s where inspiration comes in. Unlike motivation which is mental, inspiration is as the word implies, “in spirit”. So are you able to get in touch with your core being, not your mind, not your emotions but your core consciousness which is where your thoughts come from. In between the thoughts is a space of awareness where there is only consciousness which spiritual traditions call the soul or the spirit. Some people have this experience when they fall deeply in love, these are called ‘peak experiences’ and if you persist in meditation you will have this experience as well.

Suzanne Duckett: So can you not work with governments to educate children about these tools of life?
Deepak Chopra: We are, in the US it’s called social emotional intelligence and comes under the umbrella of mindfulness. Many companies are focused on five areas of wellbeing – career, social, physical, community and financial.

Deepak Chopra: Career wellbeing in number one. You should be in a work environment where you complement others and they complement you. According to statistics.

Suzanne Duckett: How do we take the edge of living in a city like London?
Deepak Chopra: If you’re in touch with your inner being it doesn’t matter where you live. The world is a reflection of who you are in every moment. Social scientists have come up with the happiness formula. H = S + C + V. H is happiness, S is the set point in your brain for happiness, your childhood conditioning. C is conditions of living (financial). V is voluntary choices we make every day. Guess what the number one choice people make for pleasure every day is?

Suzanne Duckett: Sex?
Deepak Chopra: It’s shopping! But you get fulfilled when you make people happy.  The fastest way to be happy is to make someone else happy.

Suzanne Duckett: You’re not a big advocate of the extreme or cold turkey are you?
Deepak Chopra: I’m an advocate of only ONE thing: take it easy! Easy come, easy go.

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