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WATCH: Which food tribe are you?

If you couldn’t make it to our first talk at Selfridges about food tribes, you can still be part of The Antidote’s conversation with healthy foodies Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley, model-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson and psychotherapist Susie Orbach. Either watch the 8-minute clip or glean the highlights here…

Suzanne Duckett: Would you be horrified if people thought of your books as diet books?

Melissa Hemsley: It’s about getting back to basics, eating and preparing your own food.

Suzanne Duckett: How do you get to the root of comfort eating?

Susie Orbach: What did we really have an appetite for, was it a feeling or was it a food? If it was a feeling they don’t belong in the fridge. The Mars bar that you thought was going to be good for you doesn’t have written on it “this is going to make me happy”

Suzanne Duckett: Where do you start when telling clients how to reconnect with their food?

Rosemary Ferguson: I tell them it’s not rocket science, people are so disengaged with their food even basic fruits and vegetables

Suzanne Duckett: Who’s in charge of your food’s freshness: you or the sell by date?

Rosemary Ferguson: If you can’t smell that a piece of cheese or a carrot is fine there’s something seriously wrong. If people can’t understand the foods they’re putting into their bodies, then they shouldn’t be eating it

Suzanne Duckett: To have a stable relationship with food should you only eat when hungry?

Susie Orbach: You only pee when you need to pee! Children’s appetites are being disturbed very early on.

Audience member: When does mindfulness become an obsession?

Susie Orbach: It’s not mindfulness if it’s obsessive, that’s just another form of anorexia

Susie Orbach: The minute you have a prohibition you set up a psychological fight within yourself. If you’re trying to look after yourself think about what you’re eating when you’re not actually hungry

Melissa Hemsley: Instead of questioning whether you’re being good or bad, ask if you’re being kind to yourself.