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Are you a conscious omnivore?

the Antidote to... healthy eating confusion

A juicy conversation with our favourite emotionally intelligent foodies…
The Antidote’s Suzanne hosted an event at Selfridges London last night in the new and effortlessly chic Hemsley+Hemsley Café.
We discussed tribal eating… and ‘What the heck is a healthy diet now?’ was the question on everyone’s lips (when they weren’t wrapped around a feta and black bean burger).

The line up
It’s good to talk. Especially about food feuds. From left: Susie, Melissa, Rosemary, Jasmine and Suzanne.

Suzanne was joined by healthy foodie chefs Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley, model turned nutritionist and naturopath Rosemary Ferguson and Psychotherapist Susie Orbach, yes, that author of THAT book, Fat is a feminist issue, first published back in ’78 and still relevant today. (It’s just been republished with an updated intro). Her particular, refreshingly uncomplicated take and interest in the complex relationship we have with nosh and our bodies was reassuring. Don’t over-egg it, basically. We really did have the perfect balance of foodies.

We drank pastel pink cocktails and mocktails with blue berries floating in them (on purpose, pretty and lush) and devoured smoked salmon and daikon canapés, flaxseed crackers with chorizo and homemade kimchi.

What did we learn? Well, food is more than physical of course. Don’t get hung up on it, don’t make a big deal about it. Use your common sense, eat naturally, organically. Enjoy the process of cooking, turn it from a chore to a pleasure. If your kid wants a biscuit, give them a biscuit but back it up with a more sustainable source of energy, you know, like an apple, teaching them moderation and balance rather than worrying and neurosis.

Tune into your appetite – are you eating because you are hungry or because you are sad, lonely, angry? Work it out, think about what food you are craving and if it will really satisfy that urge. Imagine it in your mouth, the flavour, the texture and ask yourself if it is really going to fulfil you. This self-analysis will help you decipher emotional v physical eating.

Susie (Food Tribe: Sensual, Ritualistic Foodie) reiterated stabilising your eating by learning how to eat when we are hungry, eat what we want to truly, wholesomely satisfy us and stop when we are full.
Rosemary (Food Tribe: A Balancer) urged us to engage with our food more, touch it, squeeze it smell it!
Jasmine (Food Tribe: Conscious Omnivore) reminded us we have the planet’s health to consider as well as our own.
Melissa (Food Tribe: The Real Food Foodie) encouraged falling in love with the actual process of cooking food as much as the eating of it.

A fabulous serving of emotional nutrition, we reckon. And because sharing is caring, lovely Selfridges had the talk filmed so you could be part of the conversation too. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s here…

Bon appetit.